Special Services


On-site we have a very popular dog grooming parlour called Snoops.

Snoops Grooming is a separate part of the practice and is run independently by Viki and her team. Viki is a very experienced dog groomer and can help you decide on a style to suit your dog. We heartily recommend her for her professionalism and knowledge.

Please call her on 07734 431689 to make an appointment.


Malvern Canine Hydro therapy

Hydrotherapy is very beneficial for many different conditions including weight management, orthopaedic complaints and post surgical recovery. Malvern Canine Hydrotherapy is run independently by Emma who is a very experienced canine hydrotherapist.

If you are interested in hydrotherapy for you dog, or have any queries please, contact Emma via the details below.



Telephone: 07770 349341

Nurse Clinics

Our Nurses now offer a range of services to our clients. If you wish to book an appointment with a nurse on one of the topics below please give us a call on 01684 576464.

Some of the nurse appointments are free of charge:-

  • Weight clinics
  • Husbandry advice (grooming, diets, welfare)
  • Puppy parties

Other clinics involve a charge:-

  • Claw clipping
  • Routine cartrofen and hyposensitisation injections


The practice provides a comprehensive service to our breeders. We provide premate testing on a 4 hour turn around, pregnancy diagnosis by ultrasound at 4 weeks of pregnancy onwards and ultrasound for pup viability evaluation with free pictures to take home! We happily do home visits to check bitches after whelping and will attend whelping at home if required. On top of this we provide a comprehensive discount package against certain types of fees which we will be happy to discuss with you.

Working dogs

We have several guide dog breeders, puppy fosters, and working guide dogs as our clients. We also handle hearing dogs for the deaf and Pets As Therapy dogs. For more information go to www.petsastherapy.org

We appreciate the sterling work that these organisations perform so we try to complement and work with these organisations to provide the best possible treatment. If you have specific requirements please contact us on 01684 576464 for details.


We have in the past been associated with the use of CV247 for the treatment of terminal cancer in dogs and our name can be found on several websites as providing this service. Please be aware that we do not specialise in this area, only providing this service to our clients. We do not take referrals and would encourage owners to talk to their vets about more conventional treatments before contacting us, or to contact one of the practices that specialise in this area.