Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I register my pet with you even though I have been somewhere else?
    Yes of course you can but we will need to obtain your pet’s medical notes. We will contact your previous vet for these to ensure continuity of good care.
  2. How much do you charge?
    There are over 300 different charges for various procedures on our computer system and over 1000 charges for medication – too many to list here. Our Vet or Nurse will ensure that you have a quotation/estimate for any major procedures. An indication of charges for any minor problems can be sought at any time from a member of staff. Our most commonly asked prices are:


    • Initial Consultation: £29.00
    • Follow up Consultation: £23.50
    • Puppy Primary vaccination: £52.00
    • Kitten primary Vaccination: £69.00
    • Microchip Implant: £21.93
  3. Do you have a copy of your terms and conditions?
    Yes these can be viewed on our terms and conditions page.
  4. We have heard you provide a grooming service, what’s that all about?
    A section of our facilities has been put aside as a grooming parlour run by an independent groomer within our practice by Snoops Grooming. Snoops make their own appointments and they can be contacted on this link or on 07734 431689 if you wish to use their services. We have been very impressed by the professionalism and care shown by Snoops and heartily advise you to contact them with any queries relating to grooming.
  5. Do you dock puppy tails?
    Legislation now prevents the docking of puppy tails except in certain circumstances which usually apply to working dogs. If you are unsure if your puppies can be docked please contact the surgery as soon as possible to establish whether this can be done. We have a specific rule within the practice and this is applied strictly. We do not dock puppy tails unless the client has been registered with the practice for at least 6 months, produces documentation to prove that the puppies will be used for working purposes, and pays at the time of docking for the implantation of a microchip at a later date (usually at 5-6 weeks old) when all the relevant paperwork will be supplied. The puppies should also be less than 4 days old at presentation for docking. These rules protect the owners and the practice from potential legal disputes.
  6. Do you deal with farm animals or horses?
    We specialise in large dogs down to the smallest pets. There are other practices in the area who have the expertise and equipment for larger animals.
  7. How does your out of hours system work?
    Out of hours services are provided by the vets and nurses at Vets Now in Worcester. Click here for more details.
  8. Do you do home visits?
    Yes we are happy to attend your pet at home. However immediate emergency attention is usually best given at the practice where you will be seen on arrival if required. Home visits will be fitted into the working day.
  9. What happens if my pet has to be put to sleep?
    We know this can be very upsetting for our clients and we can do this at home or at the practice. We try to arrange a time which is quiet when you can be with your pet if you wish. We employ the services of Limekiln Farm for cremation services their website link is http://www.limekiln-farm.co.uk/pet-cremations.html. We have worked with Limekiln for many years and trust them implicitly to handle your pet with the greatest respect and to return ashes promptly if you so wish.
  10. Do you provide written prescriptions?
    Yes we do so on request – there is a small charge for doing this. Please enquire at reception for further details.
  11. Do you allow part payment of bills?
    Please see our terms and conditions page regarding payment of bills.
  12. Do you do work for charities?
    Yes we do undertake work for various local and national charities. However, we do not provide services under the PDSA petaid scheme. Other local veterinary practices have been nominated for this so please contact them for details.
  13. Do you have car parking?
    Yes at the rear of the building there is a large car park which our clients are welcome to use free of charge.
  14. Do you have expertise in exotic pets?
    Yes we have some expertise in this area. As with all unusual things if we do not have the answer to a problem we can signpost you to someone who can help.
  15. Do you provide services for poultry such as chickens?
    Yes these are fast becoming very popular pets with our clients and our knowledge has expanded to help them. You will find ready advice and a small range of useful products at the practice.
  16. Do you recommend local trainers and dog walkers?
    We have a large display board in the reception area where local associated businesses are welcome to advertise. We do not endorse any business as there is such a wide range of differing services to cater for a very wide range of opinion and taste. However we can offer advice on specific problems and how they can be solved using local services.

If you need to know more, please contact the reception on 01684 576464 or get in touch with us directly for details.