Potential Hacking Attempt

It has recently come to our attention that a group has made an attempt to confuse our customers into going to a fake site.

The site in question has exactly the same URL as masefield vets however it ends in .net rather than .co.uk, in addition to this they are running a Google Ads campaign without our permission which features an invalid phone number and a link to the .net site.

The .net site clones this site by use of forwarding, but also has code which edits the all instances of the .co.uk url to .net – we are also unsure of what other code they may be editing on that site or anything else they might be doing.

As the .net site is nothing to do with us there is little we can do about it – Google have been informed and a request has been made to stop the fake adverts, the redirection is being done through Amazon Web Services and Amazons abuse team have also been informed about this.

We have also put measures in place to redirect people onto the correct URL if it is detected they are at the .net site.

If you look at the top of the URL bar and you see it says .net instead of .co.uk after Masefield vets then you are at the wrong URL – please change the .net to .co.uk to access the correct site – in addition if you see any Google Ads showing a different telephone number to the one listed on this site – please ignore it. Google Ads have the word Ad in bold displayed under the search, it appears that these ads are showing on google.com and not on the UK version of Google (google.co.uk). We are in Google’s search results, however we do not use Google Ads for advertising Masefield so if you see it says Ad next to it then it is fake.

The phone number for Masefield Vets is 01684 576 464 and the official website of masefieldvets ends in .co.uk not .net – as long as you are on the official .co.uk site of masefieldvets then your private data is secure, if you find any of your favourites or bookmarks point to the .net site we recommend you edit them immediately, even if they do now redirect to the proper site.