Pet Insurance

At Masefield Veterinary Centre we advise all of our clients to take out pet insurance for their pets. There are many different policies available for pets and it is important that you are aware of the policy you are taking out.

Key Points

  • 12 month policies will only cover your pet for each condition for one year, thereafter previous conditions will be excluded

  • Certain policies will start off with a cheap premium and increase as your pet gets older or each time you claim

  • Majority of insurance policies will add a percentage excess when your pet hits a certain age

  • Your pets insurance policy is your responsibility

  • Often claims need to be completed within 3 months of the illness or injury for the insurance company to pay

  • Excesses are payable per condition per year

Claiming on your pets insurance

Here at Masefield Vets we are happy to complete your pets insurance forms. To enable us to do this we require certain information from you.

If your pet has an illness or injury that needs to be claimed for we will need a claim form that has been completed by yourselves with the minimum of a signature from the policy holder, a policy number and the pet’s details. The excess amount should be known by the client and paid for at a suitable time.

As of April 1st 2018 there will be a £7.50 admin fee for each new insurance claim. Continuation and
pre-existing claims will not be charged. Direct claims (claims for treatment you have paid for
upfront) will also be exempt from the charge. This charge will be added to your account when the
form is sent off to the insurance company.